MAC Extra Dimension

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($20.00 for 0.04 oz.)

These shadows were launched in a limited edition collection but now they belong to their permanent collection. There are eighteen shades in total and I only have two to share with you (Stolen Moment – Legendary Lure). They are a wet/dry formula so they can be used based on your “pigmentation preferences”.

Their unique shape stands out, reminding of a wave, as well as their creamy formula. When applied with a dry brush, and without any primer on, they are not so pigmented but when applied with a primer underneath or with a wet brush they appear to be so metallic and shiny.

However, their longevity is something that definitely dissapointed me. The part that didn’t have any primer on, started fading fairly quickly compared to the other side. But after six hours they had both creased on me and faded the same way (with and without primer). I have to admit that the primer prolonged the pigment of the shadows but I was definitely expecting more.

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