Lorac Pro Palette

LORAC Pro Palette (42$ for 16 x 0.02 oz.)

This palette consists of 16 eyeshadows ( 8 matte – 8 shimmer) and it also comes with a miniature-sized “Behind the Scenes Eye Primer” as most of Lorac’s Palettes do.

This is the original best-selling Pro Palette which is more warm toned compared to the second one that is definitely more cool toned. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and feel like butter, so easy to blend! The only downside about Lorac’s Pro Palettes is that they are so powdery causing so much fall out when you apply them and I feel like lots of products gets wasted.

The colors in this palette are beautiful, so pretty shades but so different compared to Pro Palette 2. If you aske me which one worths the money I would say both. I think that Lorac makes some of the best palettes in the market and you wouldn’t be dissaponted, in my opionion the deserve every penny! But I have to admit that this will always be my baby, I’ve used it so many times with so many different looks that can’t imagine not having it.

In addition, the palette is so thin and lightweight that makes it so easy to travel with. One more downside I’d like to add is that even though it comes with a mirror, it doesn’t stand up and it may not be that useful. Packaging is the same rubber feeling as the first one and even though it feels so luxurious, it gets dirty pretty easily

Here is a look I created using this palette:

  1. Makeup Inspired by MakeupByLilit

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