Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector

BECCA Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector ($38.00 for 0.28 oz.)

Becca describes it as a “pale gold” and I think there couldn’t be a more accurate description for this highlighter. This one is for my pale gals out there and being one of them I know how hard it is sometimes to find a good light highlighter, so here it is ladies. Becca’s highlighters have a weird creamy to powdery texture but they are very pigmented.

Bare in mind that this specific shade might not seem to be as pigmented as the rest of Becca’s highlighters but that’s because it is so light. It’s definitely not an intense highlighter but more of a “natural glow” type highlighter.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the perfect way to apply Becca’s highlighters because they don’t seem to transfer well to my cheekbones and I find that I really have to pack it on in order to show up.

The best application I found so far is with a dense synthetic brush and when you wet your brush they get an intense metallic finish. Last but not least, I’ve heard that they apply very well with a fan brush but unfortunately I don’t own any fan brush at the moment.

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